Thanks, and Farewell

Network Test ceased consulting operations in 2018. After 25 years of providing network performance and security assessments, founder David Newman has embarked on a new career in editorial and commercial photography. Check out his new website at

Thanks to our many clients and readers for supporting Network Test over the years. If you'd told us in 1993, when Newman published the first comparative performance tests of Ethernet switches, that we'd still be flinging packets 25 years on, we'd have called you crazy, but here we are. It's been a blast, and along the way we've published hundreds of articles in trade publications; helped enterprises and service providers on four continents; and contributed three RFCs on network device performance testing.

For better or worse, networking has changed a lot in the past 25 years. Except at the very high end (and even there too, to some degree), network hardware today is essentially a commoditized business. There are lots of new challenges in network software, especially in securing an infrastructure that becomes ever more pervasive. We now leave those challenges to others. Onward!

Thanks again, and stay in touch if your organization ever needs editorial or commercial photography.


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Independence and rigorous adherence to standards are the hallmarks of Network Test's benchmarks. Whether clients are testing performance, scalability, interoperability, or protocol conformance, they can rely on Network Test for unbiased, in-depth analysis.

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